The game is actively developing

This game is involved in jam Games made quick??? 2.5.

The game also participated in the jam procjam.

The Cell R Call is a game that allows you to create your own life, from seemingly simple components, but which can soon be created, something beautiful, and no less fascinating.

How To Play:

  • Click (or tap) - to create new cells
  • Click the "Show the menu" button, to open the game menu
    • To change DNA of cells, use the block on the left.
  • In some menu components have clues, just hover the menu items for a while (if you're playing from a computer).

What I would also like to write

You can influence the development of the game by writing a review about the game, or also your opinion of what can be added to the game, or bugs, I will be very grateful.

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Thank you very much for your answer, I will try to create and upload my new game for this jam, if there is time, and of course if I find a sequel to create :)


Your submission to the Awful Summer Jam 2018 has been disqualified for being developed before the jam started.

Please do not resubmit this game to the jam. If you would like to make an original game with the time still left in the jam you are more than welcome.

-- Awful Jams Staff


This game has a lot of potential and I want you to make the best possible version of this game. So I want to give some feedback to this game. The game ends very quickly because the "blobs" multiply too quickly. It would be better if you only start of with three or four cells and and slowly multiply from that. Another thing I would want to add is the menu section. If each of the buttons can make a greater or a more "obvious" difference, I would be more fun.  One last suggestion, maybe you can change how different "blobs" react to each other. Like maybe the settings can change make it so specifically colored blobs can only do specific things ect. 



Many thanks for your feedback =)

I think that soon there will be level concepts in the game, and new DNA will gradually open for "blobs". And so I did not answer for a while, because I was "resting".

Once again many thanks for your detailed response, so far I think I can advise you to play Cell Lab (this is a mobile game), it's not my game, but from there I took inspiration.


Ok, I will try that game.

ps. no problem,  I am just giving suggestions


What a neat little game??? I've been fiddling with settings for the past 20 minutes trying to find an equilibrium I like, this is so cool. 

Thank you very much for your comment, I'm really pleased :)

I think that in future versions, I'll add new DNA or features into the game, and of course I will finish the game on phones (although it is already very well played on them).


Funny Game

Thank you! :)


This game was made for jam, but it's not limited to them. I hope that you liked my game. Also in advance many thanks for the feedback, they are very helpful to the project.

Also if you have thoughts about the game, or if you just liked my game, please write about it, I will be very grateful :)

P.S This game supports mobile phones