Version0.3.5 - Fixed Bug

In the new version (namely this one), if the DNA is installed on "Eeating Cells" or "The Scales", the game will not create "Forever Living Cells".

As I think, this error worked:

It was food for the cells, because its nutritional value at the appearance was not a number (although in the game the number was expected), and when eating "strange" food by cells, the value of how much the cell was saturated, turned into a string, or simply the cell "was infected "(True, just the next moment the cell was normalized, but this was not enough).

The code of "Eating Cells", or the code of "The Scales", worked with the values of cell saturation, and after contact with the cells, both cells became "immortal".

It took some time to find this error, but I think that now a good story has come out :)

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Jul 01, 2018

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