Cells have pressure - Version0.7.5

Hello everybody! In this update, it was added that the cells now have pressure, and if this pressure is above a certain value, then the cell begins to lose its energy.

Also, a new DNA was added under the name "sticky," the cell with this DNA begins to stick to everything it touches.

What's new in the game:

  • Cells have a pressure, it increases depending on the pressure of other cells, and if it exceeds a certain value, the cell begins to lose energy (mass), or decrease in size
  • Added a new DNA called "Sticky", a cell with a stickiness sticks to the cells to which it touches.  Also, a button was added to the menu to onn/off this DNA
  • Slightly changed the repulsive force of cells
  • Now photosynthesis gives a little more energy
  • Also, now the code with the main game went to the gym, and now the game began to weigh less! (in fact, the game code was compressed by a minimizer (many thanks to Google))
  • And some other changes, in particular in the code.

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